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Have we lost touch with making memories and legacies?

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One our core values is finding ways to spend more time together as a family. With all the electronics out there. Slowly we are not leaving legacies or memories anymore. What will our children remember about us? We all can recall memories of loved ones that have passed. Some of those memories include fishing.

With The Fishing Caddy it takes the hassle out of fishing so you can enjoy being outdoors spending quality time with your family and friends.

Get a Fishing Caddy today and get back to the good ole days of building legacies and making memories. It’s up to this generation of parents to pass along the love of the outdoors and connecting with nature and god.


Happy Holidays,


Joe Pippins


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Why The Fishing Caddy Makes the perfect gift idea!


Why The Fishing Caddy makes the perfect gift idea!

1. It’s unique and something you can get the warm and fuzzes about gifting a cool, unique gift idea that very few people have heard about.

2. It moves us one step closer to the good ole days when we spent time together as a family unit making memories. Getting kids spending more time with dad fishing and off the electronics.

3. Kids love The Fishing Caddy because they no longer have to carry dad’s gear and be a slave to all the items dad needs to fish.

4. The Fishing Caddy is conventional yet trendy with it’s design. It allows the fisherman to enjoy fishing relaxed since he doesn’t have gear scattered all around the banks. Everything is neatly built in so when he’s done fishing he can simply GRAB N GO!

5. The anticipation of using such a cool gift will drive the gift recipient crazy! This delay in usage can help reignite their love for the outdoors! We all could use less time in front of the TV and more time outside.

6. It comes with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee so just in case it doesn’t meet your expectations just return it and we will refund you 100% of your purchase (just pay for return shipping)

7. Last but not least there is something special about having a gift that none of your friends have. Its not that The Fishing Caddy isn’t special. We are a startup so we are just now beginning to sell online and soon you will see us all over the retail shelves. BUT YOU HAD IT FIRST! People wait in lines for days to be the first you can cross this gift off your list and get yours now with a 2 Step checkout.

For those that have read this blog USE promo code DAD at checkout for a special early bird Holiday discount expires Nov 25th 2016 so get yours now!

christmas daddy

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Why should I a panfisherman? Buy a Fishing Caddy?

Bank fishing live bait made easy!

Alot of fishermen head out each time to get in some quality fishing. We always carry the following a rod, rod holders, a chair or seat or bucket, stringer or basket to carry our catch and many more! I’ve had guys brag about how proud they are in proving they are real fishermen by wasting precious time and killing their backs carrying multiple single use products to go fishing. Guys who are really stuck in their ways and want to make things harder. WAKE UP! Like that actually makes their catch better than a guy who is smart and wants to do it a bit easier.


There is no glory in carrying all your tackle, staying in a bad spot too long because you have too much to gather up. No glory in spending twice as much money on baits because the fish are winning at stealing your bait off your line. No glory at all in spending a 3rd of your time fishing in setting up and tearing down your system which often costs ALOT more than The Fishing Caddy System. Here is a side by side comparison on how EZ The Fishing Caddy System is to use.


Bank fishing the EZ WAY!

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New Model New Features check it out!

After listening closely to the fishing community we have made some changes to The Fishing Caddy! You will LOVE!


Change #1 The inside well is completely open so you can add more tackle and fish inside.

Change #2 We have created The Fishing Caddy to release water inside while still having the lid on so you dont risk loosing your catch when you want to make it lighter.

Change #3 We have added a model that features a tackle box with 18 storage compartments inside. This awesome feature also will allow you to cut a hole in it so you can add fish inside without taking off the lid.

We want to continue to hear from you your suggestions and ideas! Share your feedback here


Here is a short video of the new features.


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Get your Daddy a Fishing Caddy!

Get your Daddy a Fishing Caddy!

Fathers day is right around the corner! If you have a hard to shop for dad that loves fishing. The Fishing Caddy is the perfect gift and here is why: Fathers that enjoy fishing want to spend as much time as possible on the water CATCHING fish. Fathers that love fishing want to make sure each cast has the most potential to landing a fish. With The Fishing Caddy he will notice bites quicker and ultimately land more fish. Dad’s that fish are sick of carrying so much gear to their favorite fishing spot! The Fishing Caddy is the perfect answer since everything is ALL in 1 saving him time and money so he can spend more time fishing and less time hassling with heavy fishing gear! You don’t have to get another tie or some regular fishing related gift this year. He doesn’t want a gift card, he wont like the new shirt you picked out. He will remember forever the day he got a Fishing Caddy for Fathers Day! Use Promo code DAD and receive a free gift with each order! Get your Daddy a Fishing Caddy right here :~~~~~~>

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Don’t Cast another line without checking out this new fishing product. Spring Spawn is near!

Spring spawn is near

Spring is fastly approaching and anglers will be hitting the banks with the intent to land some fish. After spending the entire winter for most of us not fishing we are eagerly waitting for nice weather. When most of our target species will begin spawning.


I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to landing some crappie, trout and catfish this spring. However the old way of fishing usually leaves me tired and exhausted after a great day of fishing. I dread the walk back to the car and hope I don’t make a cast in a unproductive spot. If I do I could spend hours waiting for a catch that may never come.


After spending years doing just that I invented a way to “Grab N Go Fishing”.

This system will allow you move about the banks with ease and never again stay in a bad spot too long. We often do this because we have so much gear to gather and setup we “wait” for the fish to find us. However very rarely does a great day of fishing happen when we “wait”.

Most often you have to FIND the fish. This is where The Fishing Caddy Multi tool comes into play. Never again do you have to stay in a bad spot. Or let a windy day keep you from fishing. This handy multi tool is my go to product everytime I bank fish.


Here are the reasons why:

1. It has everything I need to fish

(a place to sit I’ve ditched my chair its heavy and only works on flat surfaces) Sometimes the fish are not in the most COMFORTABLE spots. So a chair tricks us into thinking we will always catch fish on flat surfaces.

(a place to securely hold my rods I’ve ditched my metal rod holders ) I have forgotten countless metal rod holders and they are useless if I want to fish different terrain that doesnt have soil.

(I can keep my catch inside so I dont have to carry a stinger or basket) Another item to carry and who wants to expose their precious catches to predators like turtles and etc.

2. It looks masculine and I am proud to have something unique that not most fishermen have! I have found the secret.

While most of my fishing buddies brag about the newest and greatest fishing products. None of them are willing to make fishing easier. It’s like they take pride in wasting bait, missing bites, and doing if the old fashion way. While it may be productive some of the time. I for one want to be effective because sometimes I don’t have hours to make a catch. I go between my lunch breaks, I fish while the wife is out shopping, between my errands or days off.

So I don’t have th lesiure of spending 40 mins setting up and tearing down my gear.

I dont have the leisure of missing critical bites on that short lunch break.

I dont have the leisure of carrying bulky gear that slows me down when I racing to beat a large group of guys that are stalking my favorite productive spot.

I want to “GRAB N GO”!


This is exaclty what I get with my Fishing Caddy.

Portable, easy to use effective and allows me to free up my hands while I’m fishing. Allows me to hold my wifes hand while we are walking down to our spot. Fishing Caddy with tackle box inside. My rod in the same hand and the love of my lifes hand in the other!


There is something about having such a awesome unique product that makes me feel like I’m on the ground floor to a big hit product like the Ipod. What would it feel like to have been one of the first people displaying and bragging to your friends that YOU had it first!

Before anyone ever knew what it was or what it did you had it in your hands and using it before anyone else in your inner circle!


That is whats its like owning a Fishing Caddy!

Father’s Day and spring are right around the corner what better time is it to get a Fishing Caddy!


Check out this short video about how and why The Fishing Caddy will be your “best secret in bank fishing” in 2016


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Check out our 1st itunes podcast with son of a hill billy podcast! The Fishing Caddy story

If you love fishing and want to know more about the fishing caddy check out this awesome informative podcast with well respected son of a hill billy podcast on itunes!



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Bank fishing made easy! Love Bank Fishing? Tired of Carry multiple items to fish?

Bank Fishing made easy. With The Fishing Caddy!

The fishing caddy is the best way to bank fish. Check out this video to find out why?



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How to catch more fish when using worms. Fishing with worms tips

Here is NOT how to hook your worms.


this guy is wasting the best part of the worm.

DO NOT have the thick side of your worms at the top of the hook.

Grab the thick juicy part of the worm and place it at the bottom. By:

threading the worm on the thin side first and feed the end of the hook down to the thick part of the worm. If you are fishing for bluegill/ bream let the worm hang off the hook in a “U” shape.


If you are fishing for bass or crappie. Force the juicy end of the worm firmly on the hook so there is nothing hanging off.


Give this a try and let us know how many fish you have caught.

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Missing bites on windy days? Carrying too much when you fish?

If you are like most fishermen when you fish you have so many items to carry.

A chair

rod holders if you are using live bait

Stringer or basket to hold your catch

Flashlights or other night fishing illuminations

Carrying all these items can turn a relaxing fishing trip into a stressful one. Once you decide to switch spots. Or you just stay in one spot far to long hoping that things will change and you’ll get a bite.  We stay anyway telling ourselves that eventually we will land a fish.

On windy days the wind can greatly impact your ability to make a catch. We spend countless hours waiting and rechecking our lines randomly because we want to make sure we have bait. One problem happens when we do this. Our bait can come off during our retrieval, or we scare away the fish that were in the path of our lines.

As we know reeling our lines in too frequently only makes us more anxious and less relaxed. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that would not only combine all your tackle in one easy to use system? Also help you notice bites quicker so you can sink the hook and land more fish.

This is where The Fishing Caddy stands out. Not only does it combine all your tackle ( Seat, rod holders x2, led light and well for your catch.) It also helps detect bites quicker on windy days and allows you to move from spot to spot with less to carry. So we don’t stay in unproductive spots too long.

How nice will it be to have ZERO SETUP & TEAR DOWN TIME?

How nice will it be to have only a rod and one item that has multi functions? So you don’t have to dread the walk back to the car?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see your rods at all times and FEEL nearly every bite on your seat when you fish? The Fishing Caddy was designed to allow the fisherman to sit relaxed with his rods in his line of sight. Its patent pending design also allows you to re-bait and retie your knots and bait at night all while using your natural fishing position. No more awkward  tools that take your eyes off your rods. How many bites have you missed due to being distracted. Some days each bite is hard to come by. Make each bite count!

Spend less time gathering items, checking your lines at random. Relax and enjoy fishing that is why we fish! Each Fishing Caddy comes with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee so if your not completely satisfied with your Fishing Caddy. Simply return it and we will refund your purchase price no questions asked.



Fishing can be relaxing, we don’t have to fish the traditional way. With The Fishing Caddy you will enjoy fishing more and catch more fish! Guaranteed!




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Night Fishing Kits for Kids and Other Takeaways to Ensure Before Angling in Night

Purchasing night fishing kit for kids and for adults is the wise option to practice this enthusiastic sport at the best way at any age. Daytime angling is no doubt an ebullient activity although a daunting process. Because, bank sides remain quite busy and due to frequent vibrations fishes stay aloof of the grasp area. On the contrary, fishes love to play around on top of the water and put their heads down to search for grubs during the night time. Hence, its better if you head well prepared with proper kits.

Things that you need to consider before you head for the angling are-

  • Get armed with proper equipment like advanced compact fishing kit that comprises LED light to make the re-baiting process easy, rod holders and comfortable seat. Remember that the pool sides during night turns into another form that’s bit leery and absolutely not a good time for fiddling to get the right item in hand. So, it’s better to keep everything ready in hand.
  • Winter is in the corner and if you’re planning to head for angling in near future it’s better to carry a shelter with you since sitting on top of that small fishing seat is not that easy; while having a shelter enable you to take rest in every break or even after every catch!
  • Carrying a delicious hot meal energizes the night session of angling. A cup of hot coffee with crispy cheesy toast is not only lip-smacking but also an energy booster to keep your eyes open all night long.

So, get on your feet and take the alluring trip of fishing at night.

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Catch The Fish Skillfully With Trout Fishing Kit

Trout fishing kit setups are available to make your dream come true if you are fascinated about the activity. Some people get lots of fun from the fishing process which they specially enjoy with their family and friends. Now, there is a way to fulfill your desire by getting some important equipments.

Get proper suggestion:

Catching the trout fish is a very hard job and you need to have a fishing license to accomplish your desire. You need to make a complete plan or practice to become a productive fisherman. Spinning process has become easier with the implementation of modern technology and if the topic is about catching the trout , then you have to be very mindful regarding the matter. Do lots of practice before going for the final application otherwise it shall be wastage of huge amount of money and energy.

Handle the equipments skillfully:

Only professional fishermen know how to handle the modern fishing equipments. If you are unaware about the mechanism functionality, then it shall be quite troublesome for you to manage those instruments. Fishermen with having the knowledge of innovative technology can easily maintain the process, but a normal person can get confused if they are going to make the application.

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An Advanced Fresh Water and Bank Fishing Gear Technology

An Advanced Fresh Water and Bank Fishing Gear Technology

Fresh water and bank fishing gears are important kits, consisted with high quality innovative technology. Grow up your passion for angling by knowing the whole technical matter where you need to know about some interesting things. If you once understand the whole technique, then it shall be easier for you to attract different fishes.

Maintain the angling instruction properly:

The fishing procedure has become easier in this way as well as you have the way to become updated with the latest process. It shall take very few times to fulfill your desire also smart fishermen know the technique to use the fishing rods and accessories. It is quite easy to learn the method, then apply it very skillfully. The most effective rigging technique is helpful to catch the fishes as well as you can increase the numbers of fishes in a powerful also crafty way.

Tactics of beach harpooning gear:

Beach spinning gear is a kind of stylish technology, which is helpful to target the fishes. It is essential to balance the spinning reels properly with the fantastic application of technology. The quality as well as a specific design matters. You can avail good products from a popular brand and manufacturers. The spinning rods are specially designed to complete the angling process on the beach.


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We got our limit on The Fishing Caddy.

Nov 2, 2015

Location: Kill Creek

Time 4:30 pm

Temp 67 degrees


After eagerly waiting for the start of trout season its finally here. The kids were geared up and ready to hit the water. They had their Fishing Caddy Mini’s ready and poles in hand. It was really easy to get them setup.


Step 1.

Dip the Fishing Caddy Mini in water adding up to 20lbs of water weight


Step 2.

Cast your their line and sit pole in rod holder

Step 3.

Wait for the bite.


As my daughter was waiting she felt a nice tug on the seat of her Fishing Caddy Mini. This instantly let her know she had a bite. It was a fairly windy day so it was kind of difficult to tell if she had a bite since the lines were blowing all over the place. The only notification was the initial thump on the lid. She felt it jump up and sank the hook. As she began to reel in the catch this action happened.


She eventually limited out on trout and it didn’t take long.


If you want your kids to enjoy fishing more they will love The Fishing Caddy!

A Place to sit

A Place to put their rods

A Place to store their fish

A product they can use year around!

Get yours today!



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Fall Crappie Tips

Fall Crappie Tips

Catching Crappie in the fall can be fun and exciting but it does take some patience and ability to find the fish.

Use a bobber to test depth.
Often times you may need to adjust the height of the bobber to reach the fish.

I recommend going shallow first and adjusting down from there a little at a time. Change the depth slightly each time. Do this a few times and if there are fish there you will certainly find them.

Use scents.
One of my favorite scents to use is the Berkeley Crappie Nibbles. These are awesome and most certainly will help you find more fish. Add one on the end of your jig and keep casting and adjusting the bobber to reach the fish. If you don’t have success within the 1st 15 or so casts it may be time to move to another spot.

Look for the honeyholes.
Find areas that are not fished often. On top of bridges in back channels deep in the woods.
Some of the largest crappie I have caught have come from fishing off the top of bridges. It provides the perfect angle and with a few adjustments I find them rather easy.

Sounds simple but reel slow.
If you reel your rod too fast often times you’ll zip right past the fish. Get used to reeling slowly at a consistent pace to locate the fish. Often times they will pass on your presentation on the first go around and bite on the second or third pass. So be patient and reel slow and stop often. This causes the fish to strike if they are in the area. Very effective to detect if there is fish in that area. Do this a few times and if you don’t get a bite move to a different spot.


If you are live bait fishing and want to find crappie the absolute best way if your using minnows is to get a Fishing Caddy. It solves many of the issues that bank fishing with live bait presents. A single one use product that combines your rod holders, seat, led light and wind reducing tension line holders that help you detect your strikes the moment they happen. This results in less money spent on baits and helps you be more efficient with each cast. Requires zero setup time and allows you to have one other item besides your rod. Pick up N Go & Cast N Go! Its real simple and is pretty cost effective as well. Get more information here——–>>>>>

So use these tips and get to catching more of these delicious crappie this fall!

Joe Pippins
The Fishing Caddy

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Hear what other fishermen are saying about The Fishing Caddy

Here are a few testimonials from recent Fishing Caddy Owners: 2015 Most innovative fishing product to reduce tackle and simplify fishing at the same time! Don’t take our word for it check them out.

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How to catch trout. The Fishing Caddy Trout tips.

How to catch trout. The Fishing Caddy Trout tips.

Tried catching the elusive rainbow trout?

Stocked or not these cunning fish are extremely smart and difficult to land unless you know what you are doing.

Here are a few Tips: How to catch trout.

The type of pole/rod you use is very important. You should use a light weight or ultra light pole. The reason for this is simple. Trout can tell if there is resistance on the other end of the line. So if you have a heavy pole its is likely that you will miss bites often. When the fish take your bait you want to be able to feel the bites and also see them and if your pole is too heavy you will not accomplish either one.

Bait: There are many different types of bait you can use to catch rainbow trout. However there are only two that I have found to be extremely effective.

Turbo Powerbait Rainbow.

Worm Night Crawler. With a syringe pump air into the top section and the bottom section.
IMPORTANT:Check the worm and make sure it floats in the water without help.

Max Test line of 4-6 lbs anything more than that the trout will see your lines and not take your bait.
Hook: #1 size bait holder hook or treble hook.

The Fishing Caddy Reason: It has everything you need to have a good day of fishing for trout. So you don’t have to carry too much equipment. So you can move from one spot to the next with ease.

2 Rod Holders
Cushioned Seat for the long hours of fishing
Tension Line holders (these reduce wind and help you detect your strikes quicker.)
5 gallon well. Just add water inside and you are ready to fish on the waters edge.

When the fish take your bait you will have a heads up way before your rod tips bend.

See this video

Its that simple! Give it a try you will land more trout and be the envy of all the fishermen on the banks this year!

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How to catch trout on the bank.

How to catch trout on the bank. This 1 product will help you land more fish guaranteed! It is very simple and easy!

Here is how to make your next trout fishing trip a success. Check out this video of a newly released fishing product called The Fishing Caddy.
Step 1 is to fill your Fishing Caddy up with water adding up to 30lbs of water weight for stability.
Pretty neat it has 2 adjustable rod holders. LED light for night fishing so you can see the bites the moment they happen.
Also includes two tension line holders (hooks) that reduce wind and help make your bites detection more sensitive and quicker.
If you are looking for the advantage when fishing for trout and how to catch trout on the bank look no further!
Get yours today at

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Fishing Caddy How to and Feature Benefit

The Fishing Caddy Feature Benefit

**Viral Video**What is The Fishing Caddy? What problems does it solve?

Posted by on Thursday, June 25, 2015

Above you will find The Fishing Caddy How to and Feature Benefit.

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